Public Speaking


April 2021: Mind the Product Keynote - Driving Commercial Impact for Product Teams

April 2021: Dubai Future Foundation - Product Fundamentals for Startups

February 2021: Emerging Markets Growth Leaders: The What, Why, and How of Product Management

January 2021: Grow with Daria - AMA on Hiring Product Managers


November 2020: Product Tank (Dubai, Bucharest, Istanbul, Mumbai, and many others)

July 2020: Product Uncensored


May 2018: Tech in Asia: Building Loyal Customers & the AARRR funnel


September 2017: Product Tank Singapore - Growth is a Marathon

May 2017: Tech in Asia - Pillars of Product Management

June 2017: Echelon Conference - Building your Product Dream Team


October 2016: Tech in Asia: Hiring Product Managers